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Oct 30

As we come up on this season's time change, please take the time to change those batteries and consider these fire safety tips. read more

Oct 27

There are many reasons why building a new home is favorable, such as the fact that everything is new and up-to-date, it is under warranty, design choices can be made, and so on. There is one reason, however, that trumps them all: financial security. read more

Oct 22

Our experienced staff can help bridge the gap between the time you order your home to the time you start construction. Our pre-construction team members are ready to help you through the process of permitting and property improvements. read more

Oct 13

The first night in your new home should be exciting, fun, and stress-free, and we have four great tips to ensure that your first night goes smoothly. read more

Oct 12

A top quality roof is vital to your first line of defense. It is crucial to invest in a product that will provide rock-solid protection from the elements, one that will withstand the test of time, and will be both affordable and provide curb appeal for your home. read more

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