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Nov 24

You've decided to build a new home, but haven't decided on who you'd like to build it. You start researching home building and you come across something called an "On Your Lot" builder. What exactly does that mean? Do you have to already own the lot in order to hire this builder? What if you don't own land? There are many benefits to this type of homebuilding, and fortunately, you don't have to own the land already. read more

Nov 19

At HiLine Homes we often hear people ask: "How do you build for such an affordable price?" When you compare us with other home builders, it's hard to believe that we can build a home for the price you see advertised online. However, for close to 20 years we have proven to build quality homes for an unbelievable price. read more

Nov 17

Building a custom home is incredibly exciting. It is easy to get absorbed in choosing interior features and the many decisions that go into making your dream home come true. Sometimes this means we overlook some of the other important building decisions, like thinking about your new home's landscaping. read more

Nov 10

A strong neighborhood is a safe neighborhood with a network of caring individuals that support each other in times of need. Getting to know your neighbors will only help reinforce your entire positive home buying and moving experience. Here are a few tips to help you make a good first impression so that you can start building lasting relationships. read more

Nov 05

Design each room by utilizing the things you already have, the things that make you happy. Try being your own interior decorator - make your new custom home uniquely you. read more

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