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One of the easiest and most inexpensive design trends to accomplish with your new custom home is tying in the latest color trends. Whether you are choosing the exterior colors for a new construction home in the Northwest or deciding on a color palette for your interior walls, furniture, and upholstery, the key is to […] read more

In order to test the airtightness of your home, professional energy auditors will use a Blower Door Test. For this test, a large fan is mounted in the frame of an exterior door. The fan then withdraws air from the home, causing the air pressure inside the house to drop. Measurements of the rate of change of […] read more

Your home represents a large investment.  You want to know that when something happens to your home, you’re covered–and that’s exactly what the HiLine Homes warranty is designed to provide.  When we build your home, we’re dedicated to standing behind our products and providing you with the coverage you need.  Our warranty is designed around a 10-5-1 […] read more