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What Are You Looking For In a Residential Home Builder?

Posted by HiLine Hal
January 26, 2015

When it is finally time to build your dream home, picking a residential home builder may be the most important decision that you make. How can you choose? Here are a few things that you should look for when shopping for a home builder.

Do They Stand Behind Their Product?

While it might seem basic to get a warranty with your new home, it is so basic that you might not think to check for it. Some less scrupulous companies might offer a good warranty, but you have to pay an additional fee for it. Worse still, once you’ve moved in and you call them with a valid problem, they may not actually act on it. A company worth working with will always be concerned when something about your new home isn't right. HiLine Homes offers a 10-5-1 warranty included as a standard feature with every new home.

Do They Offer the Options You Want?

Perhaps the biggest advantage of building a new house is that you have the freedom to set it up exactly the way you want. There are several ways to achieve this. First, you may be happy with a plan that the builder offers ‘as is’. Second, you could build completely from scratch. Finally, and possibly the best choice, is to meet in the middle. Using a pre-designed plan will reduce your building costs. From there, you can customize the layout and/or interior finishes however you wish to make the house truly fit your needs.

Will They Be With You For The Entire Process?

Building a house comes with unique challenges such as obtaining the various permits involved, coordinating with those that you will be using for site development, and in most cases finding financing for the project. By working with an experienced builder who is willing to assist you throughout all of this, you reduce and often eliminate frustrations that can come from handing the building process from one contractor to another.

There are many home builders, but not all are the right choice when it comes to building your home. Contact us here at HiLine Homes to see why we may be the perfect fit for your new home construction project.