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Plan Now, Reap the Rewards

Posted by HiLine Hal
January 5, 2016

1-5-2016-plan-now.jpgMany people who have plans to build a new home tend to think that waiting for spring is a good time to start their project.  There’s no doubt that waiting to build during nicer weather sounds like a great idea, however, this can create a bottleneck of new home construction with everyone waiting to get started at the same time.  Keep in mind, though, your project starts long before your foundation is poured.

Did you ever wonder why HiLine Homes offers a 90-day price lock?  Building a home is a process that takes time.  For HiLine, it means getting drafting and engineering completed for your specific project. For you, it means finalizing your financing and property development requirements in order to get ready for us to start construction.

Once we pour your foundation, things move pretty quickly.  We have a 190-Day Build Time Guarantee, which includes the time from foundation to the substantial completion of your home.  HiLine does, however, regularly beat the guarantee and completes homes on an average of about 120 days.

By starting early, and planning your project now, you can be one of the first people who have their home plans drawn up, one of the first to hire your preferred excavator, one of the first to apply for permits with the Building Department, and so on.  We continue to build throughout the year, no matter the season, so it will benefit you to plan accordingly and try to avoid the “rush.”

Every year, our Home Consultants help hundreds of homeowners just like you plan their new home.  Contact your local HiLine office and ask to speak to one of our experienced Home Consultants about your building project.  Setting you up for success is what they do!