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It can be easy to look through a catalog and find a home you’d like to build, but sometimes finding the right place to put it is more difficult.  There are a lot of reasons why a property may or may not work for you and your family.  Location, size, and price may be the […] read more

Prepare Your Home for Fall

by HiLine Hal
September 21, 2015

With the cooler fall weather approaching, it is time to think about protecting your home from the elements.  Winter weather can wreak havoc on a home without proper maintenance.  Take advantage of the final days of Summer to inspect the exterior of your house, make any necessary repairs, and be prepared for winter. Some areas […] read more

When building a new home, indoor air quality is often overlooked, but it is much more important than most people realize.  According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, the air inside a home can contain more pollution than the outdoor air in even the most polluted cities. Since most people spend 90 percent of their […] read more