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What is an “On Your Lot” Builder?

Posted by HiLine Hal
August 18, 2020

happy family in living room after building a new home on their lot

You’ve decided to build a new home but haven’t decided on who you’d like to build it.  You start researching home building and you come across something called an “On Your Lot” builder.  What exactly does that mean?  Do you have to already own the lot in order to hire this builder?  What if you don’t own land?  There are a lot of questions that “On Your Lot” builders will get. Here, we’ll answer a few of them.

What Does Build On Your Land Mean?

Build on your own land (or Build On Your Own Lot) means that a home builder will build a custom-designed home directly on your land or property. On your lot home building is one of the most convenient approaches to home building, and is often a simple process.

How Does Build On Your Lot Work?

There are many benefits to this type of home building, and fortunately, you don’t have to own the land already. Simply put, you are only buying your home from the builder, not the land.  It means that the building contractor did not ever own your piece of property, and therefore has not put any money into developing it.  The savings are in your favor.

How exciting, you get to decide where you’d like to build.  Is there a particular school district you’d like to live in?  Would you like to live in the city or the country?  Do you prefer flat land or sloped property with a view?  The choice is yours to make.

HiLine takes this building concept one step further and allows homeowners to get involved in the process. By the homeowner being responsible for things like clean up and painting, you can save a lot of money.  This means your home is worth more than what it cost you to build.  The instant equity builds your financial strength.

HiLine Homes has successfully used the “on your lot” building concept to help thousands of families build their new custom dream home.  Whether you already own land and need a replacement dwelling or you’ve just found land that you’d like to purchase, HiLine is on your side.

Contact your local HiLine Homes office to speak with a knowledgeable Home Consultant about our home building process.  If financing is needed, be sure to ask about our approved lenders, whether you need to purchase land or not.