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Construct a Guest Home on Your Property

Posted by HiLine Hal
June 16, 2015

6-16-2015-guest-home.jpgA lot of people feel mesmerized by the “Tiny Home Movement,” but living in a 300-square-foot home often proves too difficult. If you are trying to accommodate aging parents or boomerang children who can’t afford their own place, consider a residential home builder capable of constructing a guest home. If you have enough land and it’s permitted by local government, building a second home with on your lot construction proves an affordable alternative to the Tiny Home Movement in the Northwest. According to an article by the Guardian, Oregon’s tiny houses are part of the solution for homelessness. The article points out that since 1950, the average American home has grown to two and a half times the size. Still, downsizing to 300 or 400 square feet is too extreme for most average Americans.

Getting back to basics

HiLine Homes can build you a home that’s about 850 square feet with two bedrooms and one bathroom. The square footage is more than double a tiny home. What’s more, tiny home are often considered recreational vehicles since they are on wheels. When you choose on your lot construction, your guest home will be build the same as any other traditional home with all the plumbing and electricity.

Buying your children a starter home

Experts say there is a shortage of starter homes because of the demand being created by millennials in their 20s and 30s. Some parents take the initiative to build their young adult children a starter home with just 800 to 900 square feet of living space and a garage so their children can focus on paying off student loan debt. You can charge your children rent. However, if you don’t charge them full market rent, you’ll enjoy only some of the tax benefits of owning a rental property. The IRS considers a home rented out to a relative at a discount as a home being used for personal use.

Another good reason to build a guest house on your lot is to have a separate home to accommodate aging parents. Many families save tens of thousands of dollars on the cost of a nursing home. The key is to set up a living space that’s elder friendly with technology so your loved one can alert you or others for help if they fall.

HiLine Homes is an experienced residential home builder dedicated to helping our clients build a first or second home on their lot. We specialize in on your lot construction of custom homes in the Northwest. For more information, please contact us.