About HiLine Homes

Mission Statement: Provide High-Quality, Affordable Homes For Families, Giving Them A Strong Equity Position.

Our focus is to build an affordable custom home on your prepared property. We have developed our building program with an emphasis on being affordable for families. The program has provided a solution for families to build their dream home while creating equity, thereby the ability to access 100% financing programs.

Our History

Since its inception, HiLine Homes was built on a solid foundation with a family-focused staff of experienced builders. The founder, William Sundby, began building homes in 1963 while residing in rural North Dakota. He proudly built each home from foundation pour to the final coat of paint. When he and his family moved out to the Pacific Northwest, he saw the need for quality homes built at an affordable price, and that’s when HiLine Homes was born. With his expertise and an experienced, dedicated team, the company became an industry leader in stick-built new home construction.

HiLine Homes Today

Our mission to build affordable custom homes has remained the same for over 25 years. Our experience with changing markets and differing family lifestyles has transformed our product and process into a streamlined service, ensuring families meet the goal of instant equity. Our Approved Lenders offer financing programs that use the final appraisal value of the house so more homeowners have the opportunity to qualify for 100% financing. We pride ourselves in sourcing the finest quality building materials and trade partners so we can build you a house that you’ll be proud to call home.

Thanks to our highly-skilled team and advanced computerized scheduling system, we can better focus on you and your project. Our testimonials exemplify our team’s continued dedication to assist families in building their dream home. We know your home building project is incredibly important to you, and we recognize that it is possibly the greatest investment you’ll make in your life. We are grateful for each and every homeowner we work with for placing their trust in our building program. It is our Promise to build a high-quality product right and on-time.

How We Work

We build for individuals and families from all walks of life. Our team can assist you regardless of where you live. Do you own rural land, a neighborhood lot, or a mobile home that needs replacement? Are you living in an apartment and need a change? Our building program can be personalized to fit any situation.

We are here for you through the entire journey of building your dream home. In the next few sections, we will outline the basic steps of building your HiLine Home.

Home Order Process

The first step towards building your dream home is to talk with one of our knowledgeable Home Consultants. They are here to be your resource through the home purchase process. Schedule your introductory home building consultation to review HiLine Home’s building program, standard features, options specific to your unique needs, and how to meet your dream home budget. The consultation will produce an outline of your home building journey specific to your individual lifestyle and situation.

During this process, you’ll need to secure a construction loan to build your home. Great news! We already researched the industry leaders in construction financing then and built a web page all about Approved Lenders to help you navigate the process. Fill out our online Pre-Qualification and wait for approval. What happens next? Everyone’s situation is different, so we suggest connecting with a HiLine Home Consultant to learn more about possible floor plans and custom features.

The dream of home building really begins during the Home Order and Plans process. To do this, you’ll need to make an appointment at our office. You will want to schedule about an hour so you can focus on the features of your home and property. It’s an exciting and satisfying experience, so enjoy it while you can!


The Pre-Construction phase of building your dream home starts after you order your home, and ends when your foundation is scheduled to be poured. Our Pre-Construction Department has a great team that will guide you through obtaining construction permits, scheduling a land evaluation, installing septic systemsexcavating & preparing the site, and installing water systems so you can move onto the next phase: construction.


When your property is prepared, you will be assigned a Project Manager to handle all the details of building your home. The first important task is to review your property and home order on-site. Connecting all the details from beginning to end is essential to realizing a home building project. You will be kept informed throughout the entire construction process, and we are available to answer all of your questions and concerns. Even though your main point of contact is your dedicated Project Manager, each home building project is supported by a team of experienced HiLine Homes staff and skilled trade partners.

Let Us Build Your Dream Home

Our home building services are available throughout the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Learn more about building your custom dream home by visiting a design center or model home center in your region.

Ready to Get Started?