Why Build Custom

Benefits of Building Your Own Home

There are numerous benefits to building a custom home. It is an opportunity to define what home means to you and your family by choosing the location, size and style of home. While it is true, your home is an investment, coming home should feel satisfying and comfortable. Many families choose the journey of building their home on their property each year to attain affordable homeownership.

HiLine Homes mission is to help families build an affordable quality home on your property while securing a strong equity position. We are proud to have assisted thousands of families from all walks of life to attain the dream of homeownership.

What Is a Custom Home?

A custom home is always built specifically for an individual, while there are different construction programs. Typically these homes are new, high-quality & stick-built, with the homeowner deciding on specific features to meet their lifestyle.

Here Are a Few Types of Methods
of Custom Homes

Turn Key

The general contractor completes your entire custom home building project. You will not be able to prepare the property and/or participate in the building process. The assumed benefit of a turn-key build is that you go about your life with minimal interruptions since the contractor is taking care of every detail. Unfortunately, the cost for managing the entire project will drive up the total cost, and in most cases, it will eliminate the possibility of having instant equity.


A built-on-your-lot home builder focuses on building their home on your prepared property. The site development is the responsibility of the homeowner. The specific requirements will depend on the home builder’s program. There are many benefits of managing your property development, such as the possibility of building a positive equity position in your home. HiLine Homes is considered an “on your lot” home builder. Our building program has been designed to provide families with an opportunity to achieve the dream of homeownership at an affordable price.


Tract home builders essentially build in bulk; they buy large tracts of land, build subdivisions, and offer various floor plans to choose from with limited customization available and no homeowner involvement.

8 Reasons to Build a Custom
Home On Your Land

1. Instant Home Equity

Building your home is a sound long-term investment. A home’s equity is defined as its current market value minus the balance of the homeowner’s mortgage. Over time, as you make mortgage payments, your home equity grows as you invest more and more into your property. 

The HiLine Homes’ building process is designed to help you build home equity right from the start. Since you’re involved in preparing your property, you build instant “sweat” equity, which may be used by one of our approved lenders to act as your down payment. It is important to keep in mind, equity is dependent on many factors such as location, size of the home, involvement in the building program, and market conditions.

Why Build Custom? Energy Efficiency

2. Energy Efficiency

With each passing year, new homes are more energy-efficient with enhanced building codes and improved construction practices. These advances also result in less necessary maintenance than existing homes. For example, we all know insulation serves the dual purpose of reducing your energy bills by not allowing heat to escape in the winter while keeping your family nice and cool in the summer. Enhanced building code requires increased R-value of insulation while saving you money for years to come, which also reduces the waste of our precious natural resources.

3. Superior Build Quality

Have you heard the phrase that when you buy an existing home, you are buying someone else’s problems? This is especially true with older existing homes, which may have distinctive features, but even a simple repair can turn quickly into a money pit. With a new home, you can relax since you will have the latest construction techniques and superior building materials. HiLine Homes takes pride in our building program so much so that we offer an exclusive HiLine Homes Promise, with a limited 10-year warranty to protect your investment.

4. Personalization

One of the major advantages of a custom home built on your lot is that it allows you to choose the floor plan and design features to fit your lifestyle. Do you like to entertain and have a larger family? We have several plans designed for the entertainer. Are you perhaps looking to retire in a few years and are looking for options to downsize? Check out a variety of single-level floor plans.

Once you choose the home plan, you’ll choose the finishing details and determine design features. HiLine Homes building program is designed to allow you to personalize your home to fit your lifestyle while being the affordable custom home solution.

5. Future-Proofing

For most families, your home is the largest investment financially and personally. Many decisions go into a home. Is this the home you will raise your children and develop a lifetime of memories? Building a new home with HiLine Homes you will have confidence knowing it will be a sound investment. 

6. Flexibility

Whether you are familiar with the construction industry or have little construction knowledge, HiLine Homes can help you build the affordable custom home of your dreams. We offer three types of building packages, so you have the flexibility of involvement. In our Traditional building program, we start at the foundation and build a complete home on your prepared property. Our popular Shell & Super Shell building packages allow for more homeowner involvement.

7. Location

In Real Estate, it is common to hear “location, location, location”. Three times the word location is stated to emphasize the importance of the location. It can make a huge difference in the value of your home but also your home satisfaction. While considering why to build your custom home, it is important to determine how the location will serve your lifestyle preferences. Perhaps you prefer having all the city amenities close by, or you would rather have your private oasis nestled in the country. The great news is that it is up to you to choose when building your dream home.

Why Build Custom? 8. Affordability

8. Affordability

Depending on the method and program, a custom home can be an affordable option. HiLine Homes has been building homes for over 25 years, assisting thousands of homeowners in realizing the dream of building their home.

HiLine Homes prides itself on the affordability of building a quality home. We work with a list of approved lenders who make the process as convenient and straightforward as possible to help you qualify for up to 100%* financing. They are experienced with our efficient building program, floor-plan designs, and the standard and custom features available to you.

BONUS: Pride

With a new build, especially one built on your land, your home is completely unique to you. Building a home is an incredible accomplishment and to experience the journey is truly rewarding.

Build a New Custom Home

On Your Lot

Does it feel like building your dream home is out of reach? For over 25 years, we have been privileged to assist families and individuals in building a home to meet their lifestyle. Connect with a HiLine Home Consultant to learn about your options and how to attain the dream of building an affordable custom home. Whether you already have land or you’re not sure how to go about finding and acquiring the right lot, we’re here to discuss your options with you.

Contact one of our expert Home Consultants to learn more about the process, browse our floor plans, and download our home guide for more information.

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