Septic Systems

Designing a septic system for your land is both an art and science.

HiLine Homes understands how changes in technology, land regulations and zoning can impact the construction of your new home. Additionally, county health departments often inspect finished septic systems in slightly different ways. Fortunately, our recommended designers understand the various regulations of different states and how to accommodate their concerns.

Most states base flow volumes on long-accepted federal guidelines. Sixty gallons per day (GPD) as a standard volume of sewage generated by one occupant of a dwelling. This accounts for food preparation, clothes washing, toilet and bath wastes, everything except watering the lawn. The assumption of two people per bedroom allows 120 GPD for each bedroom. Although several other methods exist (such as fixture flow and fixture count), the 120 GPD per bedroom has become the standard method for estimating the size of residential septic systems in 90+% of cases.

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