Custom Home Financing & Construction Loans Available

We make it a top priority to help our clients navigate the process of securing financing.

Our building program emphasizes affordability and accessibility for families. The goal is to build you an affordable, beautiful custom home on your prepared property. We pride ourselves in sourcing the finest building materials and trade partners to build you a house that you’ll be proud to call home. With our streamlined process, we’ve helped thousands of individuals and families secure home construction loans through our approved lenders to finance their new homes.

Take Advantage of 100% Financing Programs

The financing programs available through HiLine Homes provide solutions for families and individuals to build their dream homes in a cost-effective way. Our experience with family lifestyles and changing markets have shaped our product and developed our process to provide a straightforward service, ensuring that families meet the goal of instant equity*.

HiLine Homes’ experienced team maintains a list of Approved Lenders who offer exclusive financing programs that use the final appraisal value to help many homeowners qualify for 100% financing.

We’re Here to Help You Secure Financing

The process of applying for a construction loan may seem daunting, especially if you’re a first-time homebuyer. HiLine Homes has helped thousands of people secure home construction loans and build the custom homes of their dreams. We make the process as convenient and straightforward as possible with our Approved Lenders list. These lenders have a wide range of products on which they can offer up to 100% financing.

Just as our experienced team members are familiar with the financing programs available through our approved lenders, the lenders we work with are also familiar with HiLine Homes. They’re experienced with our efficient building program, the floor plan designs we offer, and the standard and custom features available to you.

We make it a top priority to help our clients navigate the process of securing financing. Our Home Consultants are here to answer your construction loan questions and help you determine what type of financing is right for you. Contact a Home Consultant to find out more details.

Applying for a Home Construction Loan

HiLine Homes has simplified the process of applying for a Home Construction Loan. Our easy-to-use pre-qualification form will assist you in submitting vital information to your lender. They will use this information to determine the amount you qualify for to fund the building of your new home. They will review items such as your income, debt, and credit history.

You’re not alone through the application and approval process. Our knowledgeable Home Consultants are here to walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have about construction costs, floor plans, and materials.

Getting Your Appraisal and Building Home Equity

Building your custom home is likely the greatest investment you’ll make in your lifetime. Its estimated value, once completed, is an important factor in securing a construction loan. Home equity is defined as the current market value of your home minus what you owe. Over time, as you make mortgage payments, your investment in your home (your home equity) grows. Your lender will need an appraisal to determine the value of your new home in order to approve the loan.

The appraisal process is streamlined and simpler with a HiLine Home since our approved lenders know our products and reputation, which is a great benefit to the homeowners. Appraisers rely on comparable sales to estimate a home’s value, and other factors come into play when dealing with new construction. An appraiser will look at your home’s building plan, spec sheet, plot plan, and cost breakdown, which our lenders already have on hand for their reference to make the process easy and stress-free. The more detailed this information, the more accurate your appraisal will be. The expert team of Home Consultants at HiLine Homes has years of experience producing these documents, and we are with you every step of the way.

*Instant equity means the appraised value of your home is higher than the purchase price; simply put, your home’s value may be higher than what you paid to build it! HiLine Homes cannot and does not guarantee equity. The opportunity for equity is dependent on market conditions, individuals circumstances, and specific property details.

Secure Financing Through an Approved Lender