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Kennewick, WA
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3104 W. Kennewick AVE #F
Kennewick, WA 99336
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(509) 820-3389

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9:00 - 5:00 | Monday - Friday
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We are currently weeks away from finishing our home with HiLine Homes of Kennewick. I cannot say enough about how easy this process has been! The project managers are also owners of the company, so they really do care about how the build goes. They have been prompt to respond to questions and hire responsible, clean crews to work with them. We built a home with another competitor in Oregon 2 years ago and it was by far one of the worst 9 months of my life! I swore I would never build again, but after talking to HiLine we decided to try again. I’m so glad we took a chance, I would build with this branch again in a heartbeat!
- Roman Nehis


corey sjoboen hiline homes employee

Corey Sjoboen

Franchise Owner