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Custom Homes: Is a Custom Plan Right for You?

Posted by HiLine Hal
October 29, 2014

When it comes to choosing between a conventional custom home and a custom HiLine Home, there are a few important factors to take into consideration: Flexibility, cost, and time dedication. How do you know if a HiLine Home is right for your land?

With HiLine Homes to guide you, making the most informed decision is easy. We have design centers and model homes conveniently located throughout the Pacific Northwest, allowing you to experience the procedures and results first-hand before getting started.

With a conventional custom builder you can literally draw the plans from scratch, choose any components, and make structural or option changes as you the house is built. This kind of flexibility comes with draw backs. The cost is significantly higher because it is a more cumbersome process, the build time takes longer, and it is difficult to stick to the preliminary budget as little changes here and there can really add up. It can also be more stressful as decisions about finishes need to be made throughout the process and custom drawn plans may show design flaws as they are built that need to be corrected.

With a custom HiLine Home you have the advantage of a professionally designed plan that has been designed to be cost effective and functional. With the flexibility to make some structural changes and literally hundreds of options you get the perfect balance of flexibility and efficiency.

Can you find the right plan at HiLine Homes? You may be surprised! Our expansive floor plan variety enables you to pick the layout which will best serve your needs. Single- or two-story homes with two to five bedrooms, our floor plans offer versatility to accommodate for large private acreage or narrow neighborhood lots.

If finances are your biggest obstacle, however, consider that our plans start at prices with your budget in mind. As the housing market stabilizes and our economic future looks bright, having affordable pricing to reflect the absolute quality of these custom homes is a must. HiLine Homes will even go so far as to give you a Price Lock Guarantee.

Building a HiLine Home is undoubtedly more time consuming than moving into an already-standing structure, but only in terms of the move-in date. Think of it this way: Is it more advantageous for me to get exactly what I want from a home, quality guaranteed, and have to wait 140 days, or to take the best fit I can find and move in immediately? Many people cannot find an existing home that fits their needs perfectly, but by choosing a plan and options you can have a home tailored to meet your needs.

Ultimately, a decision as complex as buying a house can only be made by you. If you’d like some help weighing the pros and cons, please contact us today for a free no obligation consultation!