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Double-Wall Construction: What Is It and Why?

Posted by HiLine Hal
August 1, 2014

Double-wall construction can be an excellent upgrade for any home, with perhaps some of the most significant advantages being a higher quality design, increased insulation, and noise reduction. This is a feature that is standard on every HiLine Home.

What Is Double-Wall Construction?

When it comes to building a home, particularly the walls, there are a couple different ways you can go about it. First there is single-wall construction which consists of interior framing, exterior house wrap, and vertical siding. And then there is double-wall construction which consists of interior framing, OSB wall sheeting, exterior house wrap, and fiber cement lap or vinyl lap siding. Both of these wall designs are considered to be one standard framed wall – with each design layering the elements mentioned appropriately.

The major difference between the two wall frame designs is that with the double-wall construction there are two layers on top of the interior framing as opposed to one layer like the single-wall design. By having two layers of interior framing instead of one you will receive some amazing benefits.

What are the Advantages?

Double-wall construction is considered to be “above grade”, or in other words, a premium wall design. Many homeowners and builders choose the double-wall design because it offers more structural integrity and for its exceptional energy performance. Homes with this feature are known to use less electricity and heat. Overtime this can save the homeowner a lot of money. And since energy costs only seem to be going up, this can be a great way to build savings right into a home.

Some other advantages to double-wall construction involve the excellent air/vapor barrier support and noise reduction. The way the wall materials are layered creates a more consistent and reliable air/vapor barrier and the additional materials and wall thickness prevent less noise from traveling through the walls.

Be aware that some builders will mostly use single-wall construction on their houses and only include double-wall on the front. With HiLine Homes you can be assured of premium double-wall construction all the way around!