2 Story House Plans

Two-story house plans are a popular option for those with a big family lifestyle who desire an abundance of square footage or want to maximize the square footage on a smaller property. An added benefit is the gorgeous view from the second story. Locating an existing home on the market with the right features, functional design, and a good location for your family can be troubling. HiLine Homes has over 25 years of experience and feedback in designing house plans that support a family’s unique and busy lifestyles, with plenty of 2 story house plans that satisfy the needs and wants of our valued homeowners.

Select Your 2 Story Plan

Below you'll find our 2 story house plans. When you click on them, you'll view specific details about the floor plans, a virtual tour when available, and a plan specific PDF to download to review at your leisure.

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Plan 2029A

3 Bed 2 Bath 2,029 Sq. Ft. Starting at $292,995 Starting at $292,995 Starting at $285,995 Starting at $292,995 Starting at $292,995 Starting at $292,995 Starting at $292,995 Starting at $327,995 Starting at $321,995 Starting at $279,995 Starting at $270,995 Starting at $292,995 Starting at $292,995 Starting at $292,995 Starting at $334,995

Two Story House Plans That Fit You

Many have found that shopping for a home the traditional way isn't the right fit. While the current housing market can be overpriced and not satisfy the selections necessary to support your family’s lifestyle. Such as dual primary suites or a detached garage. An "On Your Lot" building program provides well designed 2 story house plans while boasting flexibility to build where you want. HiLine Homes offers an efficient building process with affordability at the center, enabling families the opportunity to secure instant equity and competitive loan programs with up to 100% financing. Finally, you can secure a home with the features that are important to you and have greater financial security sooner than with the existing home market.  

A Pre-made House Plan with Plenty of Ft. 

HiLine Homes has streamlined the home building process with pre-designed plans. Weighing your options can be difficult to determine which features will work best for your circumstances and lifestyle. Leaning on your Home Consultant for assistance will make the selection process smoother and help you make a confident decision. Our process is designed to support our valued homeowners through the building program so they can attain their dream home.   

Now, why would someone choose from 2 story house plans instead of one story? Let's look at some of the benefits of a 2 story house: 

  • Some properties have a smaller footprint to build, so building a 2 story home is the logical decision to increase square footage.  
  • Since you control the property location, you can select a lot to capture a gorgeous view with a 2 story home. Why shouldn't there be great views? 
  • Larger outdoor space. One of the perks of building up instead of out is a larger yard.  
  • Depending on the floorplan design, it may very well cost less per square foot to build. A smaller footprint reduces some of the more expensive elements in building a home, such as excavation, foundation, and truss/roof installation.