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How to Build Your Custom Home in The Rainy Season

Posted by HiLine Hal
September 1, 2018

Rainy Season

Winter in the Pacific Northwest means rain or snow and plenty of it! A common question posed to our Home Consultants is: “How do you have a successful home building project during the winter?”

Interestingly during any time of the year, the same principles of planning and good communication will help ensure a successful home building project.

During the Pre-Construction phase of the home building project, we provide each homeowner with a building guide. This will give an overview of what to expect during the building process. This guide along with your Project Manager will assist in planning the homeowner responsibilities.

A couple of items to be prepared for during the winter, would be:
• Dehumidifier and Fans to reduce moisture in the house after the roof is complete
• Wood chips or gravel in front of entryways to control mud being tracked into the house
• Painting & caulking the exterior of the home in a timely manner, as weather permits

HiLine Homes takes the different forms of moisture very seriously. Therefore, we utilize superior building materials and construction methods to defend your home structure. For example, we use wall and sub-floor sheathing that has been developed with water-resistant adhesive to withstand adverse weather condition.
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