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Insulation: Energy Efficiency & Environmental Impact

Posted by HiLine Hal
July 14, 2015

7-14-2015-insulation.jpgModern home builders and buyers do well to consider energy-efficiency as a priority when customizing a new home. HiLine Homes offers the latest construction techniques and materials so the new homeowner will maximize their investment and benefit from energy-efficient future returns. There are several applications homeowners have at their disposal to create a more energy-efficient home, but the most important part of the construction process is insulating well.

When considering insulation, a homeowner must decide the type, while the builder must apply the technique. A good product is only as exceptional as its application. With energy-efficiency in mind, HiLine Homes knows the integrity of the material they work with, and the environment’s impact upon those tangible objects. Good quality products and skilled journeymen work to ensure a sustainable structure for years to come.

Blown-in insulation has one of the highest R-values and is one of the most energy-efficient insulators. The product’s advantage is its ability to fill small crevices where traditional batts cannot. Blown-in insulation completely covers space to form a cocoon around the wood, wires, and metal structuring the home and can be applied in both the attic and walls.

Additionally, HiLine Homes gives attention to heating and cooling loss escaping through unsealed ceiling fixtures, outlets, and doorways often neglected in traditional home building. HiLine Homes exceeds the requirements of energy codes and invests in their customer’s future.

Insulation is one way a new homeowner may choose to reduce energy costs, but whatever the product, HiLine Homes works to build an environmentally healthier world. Please contact us for more information about how you can build an energy-efficient home.