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Meet the Neighbors: Ways to Make a Good Impression

Posted by HiLine Hal
November 10, 2015

11-10-2015-bm-meet-the-neighbors.jpgYou have just moved into your dream home and it’s an exciting time in your life. Chances are you are planning on putting down roots in your new residence and you won’t be moving again any time soon. The next step is to make a good impression with your new neighbors.

Meeting the neighbors for the first time can be a bit stressful. A strong neighborhood is a safe neighborhood with a network of caring individuals that support each other in times of need. Getting to know your neighbors will only help reinforce your entire positive home buying and moving experience. Here are a few tips to help you make a good first impression so that you can start building lasting relationships.

Host a Neighborhood Meet and Greet Party: The party doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Just a few finger foods, some soft music, and refreshments. Pass out invites to all the neighbors. A party is a perfect way to get to know everyone and have a bit of fun and entertain guests in your new home.

Introduce Yourself: Don’t be shy. If you see your neighbor outside or getting the mail, head over and introduce yourself. Most people will welcome a pleasant “hello” and the chance to get to know their new neighbors.

Bake Your Way Into Their Hearts: Everyone has a sweet tooth, so why not bake up a batch of cookies and start handing out little boxes of the delicacies to your new neighbors? It’s the ideal way to start-up a conversation and get to know everyone around your new home.

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