Boise ADU Builder: Additional Dwelling Unit

Enhancing your current property and living environment with a custom built Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU) is closer in reach than many realize. More homeowners than ever are looking for additional space for elderly family members to continue living independently but within a safe proximity. At the same time, others are seeking to improve their property value and increase passive income. An ADU on your property brings versatility to your lifestyle and brings solutions to the modern family.

Discover how the HiLine Homes building program supports your goal of building an ADU on your property and the difference of a tiny home that was gaining traction in recent years.

A two-story ADU with a garage out in the country.

An ADU with multiple porches in craftsman style with the lights illuminating from within.

Why ADUs and Not a Tiny Home?

What comes to your mind when you hear ADU? It is like any other home, typically around 500-1,200 square feet. While it is a bit on the cozy side, you’ll have the comforts of home with established utilities. View the variety of floorplans HiLine Homes has designed specifically to be built as a second home on your prepared property. As you explore these plans, you’ll experience the convenience of an independent laundry room, plenty of storage space, a full kitchen & ample bathroom space.

ADUs are a solution to that connectivity issue. They are far more than another room to put stuff. An ADU comes equipped with full kitchens and bathrooms, extra storage space, and its own laundry facilities, as well as personal space just like in the main home. 

Whereas a tiny home can seem like the answer, many have found it is not a long term solution and quickly becomes a larger investment than anticipated while not positively affecting property values. One feature that draws individuals to the tiny house movement is the factor to personalize their space uniquely. Connect with a Home Consultant to learn how this can be accomplished with a stick-built HiLine ADU Home that will increase your property’s value for the long term.

Benefits of an Accessory Dwelling Unit

There is an array of advantages to having an ADU on your Boise property beyond having additional space:

Increase Property Value and Appeal

A permanently constructed ADU increases your property’s value and appeal, which is an advantage if you ever decide to sell or pursue an equity line of credit. A buyer would be delighted to know there is more space that they can use as they see fit -such as a guest house or a rental space.

Multigenerational Living

While having a large family and being close to your parents is great, establishing personal space makes multi-generational living successful. An ADU is a perfect option to support aging parents in maintaining independence and safety. Additionally, younger families just starting out can have a secure home to establish and build their independence.

Guest House

Showing hospitality to our family and friends when they visit is a privilege that can quickly uncover tight spaces and personality differences within the family home. A second home on your property is a fantastic solution to provide enhanced hospitality to your loved ones and privacy to start the morning in comfort.

Build to Rent

Check in with your building jurisdiction to determine if they are providing tax incentives for building a second home on your property to offset the housing crisis. This is a great time to increase your property values and passive income portfolio while capturing tax incentives. A second dwelling on your property could be listed on a vacation property listing to create even more income. How to use this unique space is your choice.

HiLine’s Boise ADU Selection

Building an ADU on your property can suit a variety of living situations in the Boise region. HiLine Homes’ pre-designed & custom floorplans are built with high-quality products and materials while focusing on being affordable. View our selection of plans that fit your needs & desired outcome, then contact one of our knowledgeable Home Consultants in your region to guide you in your ADU project.