Boise Home Builder

Selecting a home builder is a vital step to building your custom home in the Boise region. With over 25 years of experience with on your lot home building, HiLine Homes has developed a streamlined process. The aim continues to provide an affordable custom home solution with the opportunity to create equity in your largest investment. With over 50+ floorplans to explore, you are sure to find your dream home. Connect with a Home Consultant in the Boise Region to help navigate plans, secure financing, and review your specific home building journey.

Discover the steps to building a custom home with HiLine’s home building program.

A luxurious patio with a modern firepit and lounge space.

A single story family home with a gravel driveway on a sunny day.

On Your Lot Custom Home Builder

What is an on your lot custom home builder? Our focus is building a HiLine Home on your property, which allows you the opportunity to gain equity in the process. Select from one of our Approved Lenders to find a construction loan that will combine the home, property & improvements with the possibility of zero down.

An advantage of starting with property is a greater selection to choose where you want your dream home. Is being close to a school or work district important to you? Do you wish to live in a city, or enjoy living in the countryside? You choose the lifestyle that aligns with your dream home location.

Building a custom home is an exciting prospect, and HiLine Homes’ building program makes it more accessible by having a professional home builder to guide you. Soon, you’ll be able to attain your dream home on your special property with the opportunity of instant equity.

Many are concerned that their lack of construction knowledge could prevent them from building a home. No worries. HiLine Homes is your professional resource to provide the knowledge and guidance to build your dream home.

Discover your available resources by connecting with a Home Consultant in the Boise Region.

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Benefits of a Boise Custom Home

Let’s look at a few of the benefits that come with choosing on-your-lot home building vs. move-in ready homes:

Getting the Home You Want

With a move-in ready home, you are rather stuck with that layout, trim selections, and yard. Moving into a remodel construction zone can be a messy & chaotic money pit that can test anyone’s patience. When building your home, you find the perfect property, select your floor plan, decide on finishes, and move into a home with a warranty. Getting to build the home you want is an experience in which you’ll find great satisfaction.

Access to Exclusive Financing Programs

While building your home is an immensely rewarding experience, it is also one of the largest investments a person may make in their life. As part of the HiLine Homes building program, we have researched industry leaders in construction financing to develop an exclusive list of Approved Lenders. Whether you are in the research phase or are ready to start the process, complete our easy to use Pre-Qualification form to help set your budget.

Instant Home Equity

What is home equity? You can find the equity in your home by taking the current market value of the home minus the balance of your mortgage. Over time, as you make mortgage payments, your home equity grows. HiLine Homes’ traditional building program is designed for affordability so families can build instant equity in their home from the day your home is completed.

The Builder Process

It is truly exciting to consider the prospect of building your dream home. Taking advantage of the resources available in the beginning stage can set the entire project up for success. Let’s look at the steps for building an affordable home with HiLine Homes:

  1. Choose a floor plan: Look through our selection of over 50 floor plans to find the style and layout that speaks to the needs of your day-to-day living.
  2. Consult with us: Talk to a Home Consultant in the Boise Region to schedule an introductory home-building consultation and start your home building journey.
  3. Get up to 100% financing: Secure custom home financing through our easy-to-use Pre-Qualification form or contact your Home Consultant for a list of our Approved Lenders. 
  4. Secure your property: Find the property that will soon have your own custom home on it.

Take a look at our Home Builder timeline and get an easy overview of the building program:

On Your Lot Home Building Timeline | HiLine Homes

Our Selection of Floor Plans for Homes

Start by looking over our one and two-story floor plans. We have a wide variety of layouts, features, and even ADUs for a secondary home on your lot.