Boise Shell Homes: Shell & Super Shell Programs

Are you looking for a path to enhance the investment in building your affordable Boise custom home? You know your skill set, and we know our building programs are developed to set you up for success. With our Shell & Super Shell building programs, you can select your level of involvement in the home building project to increase your investment or make the home uniquely yours to fit your family’s preferences. The choice is yours.

Learn how building your own house is more straightforward with HiLine Homes.

A family standing in the framework of their new home.

A family looking over the plans of their home with a builder.

Improving the Custom Home Building Experience in Boise

Having options is always refreshing & we provide you with the ability to select your level of involvement and an abundance of ways to customize your home. While most Boise homeowners select our traditional building program, our shell & super shell building programs are very popular. Our Shell building programs can enhance the investment of your custom home building project. While building equity gains in your shell home project is wonderful, the pride and satisfaction of building your dream home will be unmatched. Some people wonder if taking on all the tasks of the shell building program will be too much or if they have all the skills to pull it off successfully. We believe making an informed decision will help you be confident in your selected program. Talking with your local Home Consultant can help alleviate concerns and learn from other Boise homeowner’s experiences.

What is the Shell Program?

Our Shell program will provide the perfect balance in simplifying the home building project while allowing you the canvas to finish your custom Boise home.

We take care of:

  • The foundation
  • The framing
  • The roofing
  • The siding
  • Window installation
  • The exterior doors
  • The interior framing

Then, the project is released to your capable hands to complete your dream home with your unique vision.

What is the Super Shell Program?

Do your interests focus on the design elements of your custom home? Select the Super Shell program, as it is a popular option for homeowners in Boise to attain their custom home and save money. The Super Shell program includes all phases of the Shell program and the items shown below:

  • Rough plumbing
  • Rough electrical
  • Insulation
  • Sheetrock, both textured and finished

A Simplified Approach to Building a Custom Home