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Custom Homes for Downsizing or Upsizing in Retirement

Posted by HiLine Hal
January 28, 2015

retirement.jpgIf you are one of the many baby boomers ready to retire, you may be torn about whether you want a larger or a smaller home to spend what may turn out to be the best days of your life. For people who want to own a new home, you can get more of what you want with a customizable home. According to an article by The Washington Post, a study by the Demand Institute reveals that less than half of people in their 50s and 60s who plan to move intend to buy a smaller home in retirement. Fifty-eight percent of boomers who plan to move said they want a home that’s at the least the same size as the one they own now or even larger. Buying a new home for retirement gives baby boomers the flexibility to choose exactly the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and general square footage as well as reap the benefits of new construction. Custom homes today are built to be more energy-efficient. A custom builder can also make sure your home is fitted with aging-in-place or elder-friendly features.

Smaller homes with style

If you are thinking of downsizing in terms of square footage, you can find customizable home plans with as little as about 800 square feet. A newly-built small home can provide you with greater peace of mind compared to buying an older bungalow that may need retrofitting or perhaps a complete remodel. Experts say major renovation projects can prove to be stressful on marriages as well as trying on a retired couple’s budget.

Larger homes with bonuses

Most baby boomers say they want to purchase single story homes for retirement, which makes sense considering stairs can be difficult to navigate. Custom homes with vaulted ceilings can make a large home feel even more spacious. A formal dining room can come in handy for large family dinners. At the same time, you may have grown adult children or grandchildren coming to visit or stay. Having a bonus room on the second floor may be ideal for visiting grandchildren. Larger homes are perfect for retirees who have older children living with them.

With a new construction home, you can enjoy retirement without having to think about repairs or renovations. At HiLine Homes, we offer a wide range of floorplans, layouts and styles. We pride ourselves on craftsmanship and quality. Your custom home will include the features and finishes you desire. For more information on building the perfect retirement home, please contact us.