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5 Signs You Are Ready for a Custom Home

Posted by HiLine Hal
May 21, 2015

5-signs-your-are-ready-5-19-15.jpgWhether you have been renting for years or have lived in a cookie-cutter home in the Northwest for longer than you can remember, you can meet your goals by building a custom home. According to a piece by buying a home is the biggest financial investment you will ever make. But if you have outgrown your space, it’s time to move. By working with HiLine Homes you can choose a plan that has exactly how much square footage, number of rooms, layout home exterior you desire for your lot. If you are not sure whether it’s time to “move up” by owning instead of renting or trading your starter home for a custom home, ask a few key questions.

Do I have space to entertain?

Entertaining is important to a lot of people. You may currently use a formal dining room as an office because you are short on space. With a custom home, you can choose a plan with a porch so people can take the party outside as well as mingle in the main living area. An open floor plan is often conducive to entertaining. According to, some people don’t think about holidays and entertaining when they buy a home, which leads to buyer’s remorse.

Am I in better financial shape?

If you were struggling financially when you started renting or bought your current home, consider how your finances have improved. If you have more money in savings and a better income-to-debt ratio, it’s time to buy a custom home you can easily afford. If you have been working hard to improve your finances, reward yourself.

Does my furniture and belongings fit?

Rather than putting your furniture in storage, you could benefit from extra living space. It costs money to put your belongings in a storage unit, especially one that’s climate controlled.

Has my family grown?

When you rented a 2-bedroom apartment, you only had one child. While you could probably get away with living in a 2-bedroom apartment with a 4-person family, it’s often tight. Some people need a larger home to accommodate boomerang children after college or aging parents. Whatever your situation, consider an on your lot builder so you have more control.

Is it time for a smaller, but nicer space?

In some cases, downsizing isn’t about moving to a home with more square footage. If you are an empty-nester, you may want less space. The nice thing about a custom home is that the space is often more luxurious.

At HiLine Homes, our new home consultants will show you dozens of different floor plans for your growing or shrinking family. We specialize in on your lot custom homes in the Northwest. For more information about our residential home building services, please contact us.