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DIY Choose Shell Packages, On Your Lot Construction

Posted by HiLine Hal
April 28, 2015

If you are handy or can gather friends and family who have talent in the trades, you would likely be interested in shell or super shell packages that let you complete your own custom home. With the DIY movement, many people have learned there are some things they can build or construct and other things better left to professionals. If you prefer on your lot construction in the Northwest, consider a residential home builder with options for the DIY home owner. Before making a final decision, consult with friends and family about their abilities, skills and time commitments. Find out whether you would have to pay for assistance with completing a home.

Do you have plumbing and electrical skills?

If you have a background in plumbing and electrical, but can’t do heavy lifting, opt for the “Shell” package offered by HiLine Homes for on your lot construction in the Northwest. HiLine completes the foundation, finishes the framing and installs the windows, siding, roofing and exterior doors. If you have electrical or plumbing knowledge or know someone who does, the shell package could work well for you.

Do you like more control of interior design?

If you want the professionals to do all the heavy lifting as well as rough in the electrical, plumbing, texture and sheet rock but leave you all the control of design, save money with a “Super Shell” package. If you love designing and picking out cabinetry, countertops and flooring, take it to the next level by completing your home. A lot of home owners love being able to customize the interior details. Whether you want vintage levers for the interior doors or cherry wood cabinets in the kitchen, a DIY package gives you total flexibility in design.

At HiLine Homes, we give our clients the choice of letting us build their home or only handling the heavy lifting. As an experienced residential home builder specializing in on your lot construction, we offer dozens of exciting one-story and two-story floor plans with balconies, porches and high ceilings. For more information on our shell and super shell packages, please contact us.