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Custom Homes…Single or Two-Story?

Posted by HiLine Hal
February 4, 2015

Among the decisions to make when choosing a home plan, whether or not to live in a single story or a two-story home is one of the most important in terms of lifestyle and resale value. Some people wonder about the resale value difference between a one and two-story home.

While single story homes might have a slight edge with the aging population, that trend could easily change in the future making two-story homes more valuable. Depending on your particular situation, you may favor a home without stairs to climb or you may prefer a two-story because it allows for more privacy.

According to an article on the Sacramental Appraiser Blog, it’s more likely that a one-story home be deemed a “non-negotiable” factor by some homebuyers.

Thinking about the investment side

The appraised value of a home is more dependent on the “supply and demand” of different kinds of homes in an area. An appraiser typically looks at the square footage of a home rather than whether it’s a single or two-story house. If there are a lot of families moving into an area that are looking for two-story homes, it could increase the demand and, therefore, the value of the home.

Considering your lot specifications

In more developed areas where lot sizes may be smaller, a two-story home allows for more square footage on a smaller parcel, which may also favorably affect the homes appraised value. You may thus opt for a two-story home model that is specifically designed for narrow lots. Other factors to consider are trees on the lot, the view from windows and the curb appeal. Some people feel a two-story home would just look better on their particular piece of land, while others want a modern-style one-story with large pictures windows that overlook a garden in the front yard.

Buying a home you can enjoy

Putting the unknown factors of supply and demand aside, it’s important to choose a home based on your family’s preferences. Many families like two-story homes that have all the bedrooms upstairs, but a den or office space on the first floor for work needs. Others prefer the master bedroom downstairs with the family/guest bedrooms upstairs. A one-story home, on the other hand, makes aging in place a lot easier, as stairs can be difficult for some folks as they get older.

Whether you buy a one or two-story home, you’ll still have other decisions to make such as storage needs, open floor plans, a certain ceiling height and porches or decks. A new home builder that handles on your lot construction can be of great assistance.

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