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4 Tips for Moving with Pets

Posted by HiLine Hal
November 3, 2015

11-3-2015-bm-4-tips-for-moving-with-pets.jpgNow that you have your custom home built to your specifications, it is time for the big day to move-in. However, your pets don’t quite understand the point of moving. Here are four tips to help your pets adjust to a new home.

1. Give Them Lots of Love

Remind your pet that they’re part of the family with regular walks, attention, and treats. It’s common for dogs and cats to become depressed when they have to leave a familiar space and move to a new home, but lots of love and attention can help them feel more relaxed and comfortable.

2. But Give Them Space, Too

If your pet wants to hide behind the toilet for a few hours while they get acclimated to their new home, just leave them be. Once they’re more comfortable, you can shower them with attention. In the meantime, though, it’s best to give them space if they want it.

3. Don’t Make Other Changes

Moving into a new home is a huge change for an animal. They don’t understand what’s going on and may be nervous or insecure. Now is not a good time to change their food or schedule. Changing their diet, in addition to the stress of moving, can lead to an upset stomach.

4. Keep Them Inside or Leashed

Animals don’t understand the concept of a new house until it’s no longer “new” to them. Some animals try to run away and return to their old home at first, so when you first move into your new home, it’s wise to keep dogs leashed when they go outside. You should try to keep your cats indoors until they associate the new home with food and family, too.

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