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Why You Should Add Natural Gas & Propane to Your Home

Posted by HiLine Hal
December 3, 2015

12-1-2015-sz-natural-gas.jpgAre you building your new home in an area that offers natural gas utility service?  Are you considering installing a propane service on your rural property?  Energy costs, energy efficiency, convenience, and availability will most definitely influence your decision of how you’d like to equip your new home, and HiLine Homes offers many optional features to accommodate your choices.  When you choose to add natural gas or propane service to your home, there is a whole range of options available to consider.

Options for Natural Gas and Propane

Gas water heaters are available in two different styles. The more traditional style is the gas tank water heater. As efficient as those are, there is an even more efficient choice: the tankless, on-demand water heater. This unit only heats the water that you use and only when you need it, therefore using less energy and lowering your utility bill.

Looking for an efficient way to heat your home?

HiLine offers an optional central heating system with a gas furnace using top-of-the-line equipment.

Want the warmth and ambiance of a fireplace?

HiLine offers an optional gas fireplace.

Whether you plan on purchasing a gas range or a state-of-the-art range with dual-fuel technology, we offer what you’ll need to hook up your new appliance. Imagine cooking your favorite meal in your new kitchen, just like a professional!

Like to grill outdoors?

How about adding a gas line to your BBQ? No more filling up a propane tank. No more running out of fuel halfway through grilling your dinner.

Looking for a fast, efficient way to dry your laundry?

Consider a gas clothes dryer. With faster drying times and less static cling than an electric dryer, it is a smart choice.

As you can see, you have many ways to customize your new home and take advantage of today’s new home technology. More comfortable. More convenient. More energy efficient. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Contact your local HiLine Homes office and talk with your Home Consultant about the features you’d like to incorporate in your new home.