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HiLine Hal

The HiLine Homes Warranty Guarantee

Posted by HiLine Hal
August 4, 2015

8-4-2015-warranty.jpgYour home represents a large investment.  You want to know that when something happens to your home, you’re covered–and that’s exactly what the HiLine Homes warranty is designed to provide.  When we build your home, we’re dedicated to standing behind our products and providing you with the coverage you need.  Our warranty is designed around a 10-5-1 model that will protect your investment throughout the early years following its construction.

10:  You’ll receive ten years of protection on the framing and structural items.  That means that the material and workmanship of these areas should last for ten years without significant problems, or we’ll take care of fixing it for you.

5:  If you need manufacturer repair or replacement assistance on the items in your home, we’re here to help facilitate the issue. Please feel free to contact us.

1:  The first year you’re in your home is the most likely time for manufacturer’s problems to show up.  Your entire home, from foundation to rooftop, is covered during that year.  Any problems that you have with your home, we’ll help you take care of.

Your investment in your home should be safe and secure.  While maintenance costs will crop up over the years of your residence, you shouldn’t have to worry that the quality of materials or construction will be at fault–and that’s exactly what our warranty is designed to prevent.  Looking for a builder that will provide a quality warranty for your home?  Contact us for more information.