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Instant Equity: How does HiLine Homes do it?

Posted by HiLine Hal
November 19, 2015

11-19-2015-sz-how-does.jpgAt HiLine Homes we often hear people ask: “How do you build for such an affordable price?” When you compare us with other home builders, it’s hard to believe that we can build a home for the price you see advertised online. However, for close to 20 years we have proven to build quality homes for an unbelievable price.

We keep your home price down because we keep our costs down. Our diligent purchasing team works very hard to negotiate favorable pricing with our subcontractors and suppliers. This is based on building a large number of homes each year, so we can get very reasonable rates for materials and labor. The relationships we have built are very important, and everyone benefits, including you.

HiLine’s unique building program is another important piece to the puzzle. We have over 30 customizable floor plans to choose from to build on your property. These homes are pre-designed to be efficiently built with minimal waste. With our traditional building process, you are able to maximize savings by having the option to do some things yourself like cleanup or painting, we refer to these as the “homeowner responsibilities”.

For the homeowner responsibilities, you do not have time or resources to do you can have a contractor perform these tasks. Another way we help you save money is by allowing you to hire them directly rather than requiring that they be hired through us and paying a markup. This enables you to build a beautiful custom home without sacrificing quality!

To find out more about how you can take advantage of this incredible opportunity for instant equity, contact your local HiLine Homes office and ask to speak with a Home Consultant. They are ready to help you plan your new home!