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High Performance

HiLine’s High Performance Homes

Our homes include many features that allow you to live healthier, save money on energy costs, and enjoy the comfort of your home with the assurance that you have made an environmentally & economically sound decision.

1 – R-23 Blown-in Wall Insulation

WHY I NEED IT – Blown-in blanket insulation completely fills the cavity, surrounds the electrical and plumbing lines in your walls, and significantly increases efficiency.  Not only that, it also reduces noise transfer.

2 – R-49 Attic Insulation

WHY I WANT IT – Formaldehyde-free blown-in R-49 ceiling insulation significantly reduces heat loss through your roof, allowing you to keep your interior climate better controlled, and save on energy costs.

3 – Insulated Headers & Corners 

WHY I SHOULD HAVE IT – By strategically placing framing members and engineering header sizes, we increase the amount of insulation in your walls, which improves efficiency and keeps your energy dollars in your pocket.

4 – Sealed Ceiling Fixtures

WHY IT’S A GREAT IDEA – Sealed ceiling fixtures reduces heating and cooling costs, minimizes dust, and thereby improves indoor air quality.

5 – Sealed Wall Between Garage & House

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT – Sealing the wall between the garage and house helps to protect your family from the pollutants common in garages that can enter your home’s living space.

6 – Fiber Cement Lap Siding 

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS – It’s a revolutionary product that enhances and protects your home with a unique combination unmatched by any other siding resistant to fire, insects, and decay.

7 – Exceeds Blower Door Test Requirements 

WHY I’LL BE HAPPY ABOUT IT – Our advanced multi-point sealing throughout the home ensures it significantly surpasses energy code requirements, reducing your heating/cooling costs.

8 – Engineered Wood Floor System  

WHAT IT DOES FOR ME – Provides a superior strength to weight ratio over conventional lumber.  Joists are dimensionally consistent from piece to piece to help keep floors flat and avoid floor squeaks.

9 – Water Conserving Faucets 

WHY IT’S THE RIGHT WAY TO GO – Water conserving faucets conserve our natural fresh water resources and save you money, while you enjoy substantial water pressure for all of your household needs.

10 – Capillary Breaks

HOW IT PROTECTS ME – Capillary breaks between the foundation and framing of your home gives you a protective layer that prevents rotting and moisture transfer into your home.

11 – .25 to .30 U-Value Windows with LOW E and Argon Gas

WHY IT’S THE RIGHT THING FOR ME – High performance dual-glazed windows help you to save your energy dollars, block harmful UV rays, and provide a comfortable living environment.

12 – Pan Flash Windows & Doors 

WHAT IT MEANS – Pan flashing collects and drains water toward the exterior of your home, creating an added layer of defense against moisture intrusion.

13 – High Performance House Wrap 

WHY IT’S THERE FOR ME – High performance house wrap with a built in drain plane and corded channels is designed to prevent outside moisture from penetrating the house walls.

14 – Recycle Scrap Building Materials 

WHY IT MATTERS – Recycling scrap building materials helps the environment by reducing landfill waste and lowers the net cost and environmental footprint of your home.

15 – Low-VOC Primers, Adhesives & Caulks 

WHY I’LL BE THANKFUL I HAVE IT – By choosing products that have little or no volatile organic compounds we significantly reduce toxins in your home, eliminate off-gassing in the environment, and preserve indoor air.